HVS Connect

HVS Connect is a messaging feature that allows you to communicate with other registered delegates before and during this event.

How it Works: This networking feature allows you to search our database of registered delegates to find the person you wish to communicate with.

Notifications: When a delegate has contacted you in HVS Connect, you’ll receive notification via e-mail that states "You have received a message through HVS Connect." The email contains a web-link that when clicked, connects you to this webpage - HVS Connect login page.

Accessing HVS Connect: If you had registered for an HVS conference in the past, you can log in with the email that you used to register with. If you do not have your HVS Connect Password, please obtain or retrieve one from the "Need an HVS Connect Password?" section. Once you receive you HVS Connect Password, you may check your messages and begin networking with other registered HVS Connect delegates.

How to use HVS Connect

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