Dear Friend of CHICOS,
In the last two weeks, Mother Nature has been difficult if not tragic for our friends in the Caribbean, a region of the world for which we have passion, compassion and heart.

As Chairman of CHICOS, a native of the Caribbean and frequent resident, visitor and traveler, the sustainability of the region is of utmost and personal importance to me. Having been through challenging hurricane situations in the past, I have experience working directly with the Rotary Foundation in the Caribbean.
The Rotary Foundation has local expertise and a long history associated with operating in the region, specifically on the islands impacted by the hurricanes. The organization has stellar ratings as one of the Top 10 Charities in the World, according to CNBC as well as receiving a high Charity Navigator score. Beneficiaries receive 100% of funds donated.
CHICOS has made a donation to the Rotary Foundation. The Bermuda Tourism Authority, representing a nation not impacted by the storms, but  an island that wants to help its brothers and sisters in the region – has generously matched our donation. Given its Atlantic location, Bermuda is more than 1,000 miles out of recent storms’ paths, and is fortunately safe and sound welcoming visitors. Bermuda is also eager to welcome CHICOS conference attendees in November.
Please join CHICOS and the Bermuda Tourism Association to help our friends in the region who need it the most. I will serve on the Rotary Foundation’s Advisory Committee to ensure that our funds are put where they need to be.  I urge you to make a personal, corporate or foundational contribution to the 501 c3 charity. Please click here today. Whatever you can donate is greatly appreciated.
Parris Jordan